Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Getting Serious

It's been an interesting and exciting school year and now that it's over, I'd like to do some serious blogging (writing, researching, reflecting, thinking) that will serve a number of purposes.

First and foremost will be work towards my culminating project for my masters degree program at Arcadia University. This allows me to draw from the courses and work I've completed and apply it to my career. I will link and comment on research related to memoir writing, assessment, journalism, interdisciplinary teaching, and technolgy in education. I also hope to use this space to begin a coversation with others in the field who have experience and expertise in these areas.

A secondary, but related, use will be to chronical the work I'm doing towards an article for Technology & Learning magazine on the digital student. Although I won't be able to post the article here due to publishing restrictions, I will present the research and interviews and my thoughts on it's implications. Again, I hope to generate discussion on these topics which are of great interest to me as a teacher in a rapidly changing world.

In fact all of these topics are of great interest to me which is why I am looking forward to what might unfold in this space over the next couple of months. I'm hoping that this practice continues into the school year as I believe regular reflection is essential for quality teaching. My experience with blogs (here, here, and here) has shown that they are an ideal medium for this kind of work.

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Will said...

Hey Tom,

Here's to continued blogging, and I'm wondering how your article is coming. Let me know if you want me to take a look. Is it time to add you to my blogroll???