Saturday, October 22, 2005

Podcasts, schmodcasts. I need help!

There’s been a lot written recently about podcasts and the use of iPods in the classroom. I must admit, however, that I just don’t get it. I do see the potential for using such a seemingly ubiquitous piece of technology for educational use, but I find podcasts to be impractical.

I admit this is just my personal preference speaking. I prefer to read. It gives me time to contemplate a passage I just read without re-winding. And of course with weblogs it gives me the opportunity to respond as well.
Now for some shocking admissions from someone who advocates technology in the classroom:
  1. I also don’t own an iPod and the idea of walking around with a device plugged into my ears is not appealing to me.

  2. I rarely use a cell phone. I don’t even know my own cell phone number, and in the rare incidences when I have it on and it rings, I go into a panic trying to remember how to take the call.

So I know this puts me into the minority and I don’t want my personal preferences and prejudices to limit me as a teacher. So I’m asking for someone to show me the light. Why should I go out and buy and iPod? What wonderful forms of content are out there via podcast that are not available in any other form? And what are the possibilities for education?


Antonio Hicks said...

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Ana & Barb said...

I don't think that podcasts are unique in that they offer something that can't be acquired in other formats. It is just a way of using the ubiquitous pod to present information. My plan for this winter is to post podcasts of the first chapters of each of the summer reading book choices read by students or teachers. This way reluctant readers can give them a cursory listen and hopefully be sucked in to the story and do the assignment with more enthusiasm.
Also, FYI, I am working on a project for a technology class and I have used a couple of your blogs (including this one) that were referenced in the Philadelphia Inquirer article as exemplary blogs. Take a look if you like.